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L.A. Wells is a new hip hop recording artist real name Armando. 27 years old born and raised in Los Angeles California.

Currently just release his new E.P project named “The Journey Ahead”. Mixing it up with live instrumentation killer bass lines and old school feel with the modern touch, his release will sure gain him fans and turn some heads his way. Taking an independent approach to release his E.P will be available for free download with a option to support L.A. Wells directly. The E.P will also be available on all you favorite streaming services and music stores such as itunes, Amazon, Spotify ect…

L.A. Wells E.P. 12

L.A. Wells has been in the music seen since he was 12 years old, started off by playing guitar and moving forward from then on, experimenting with bands in all the music styles form heavy metal to old school rap. Playing in underground back yard shows and local venues all around Los Angeles since the age of 13. Now focusing on Hip Hop, he feels as time moves forward he can only grow and develop in his career.